Leopold Markievitz Mushroompubes

9 reviews


Adam E

Thanks for the trades


Thanks for the trade. A nice trader who dared to start a conversation.

Antony Whyte

Quick and simple trade. Cheers :).


Perfect! Thank you!

zalgo is a friend of carlotta

great trader thanx!!


Thanks for the trade :)


thx for the trade



Zeno Scarborough

Thanks for the trade

Recent posts

Adam E over 3 years ago

Hi Leopold, I've made you some trade offers

Leopold Markievitz Mushroompubes over 3 years ago

Thanks Adam! Accepted 2 and sent an alternate offer for the other as I would prefer this game over the 2 offered. Would also be interested in any other Steam keys if you find anything interesting in my tradeables, thanks :)

Hayden Eastwell almost 4 years ago

Hey Bud, I would like to trade for the copy of Infinite Light, Infinite Dark by MAVS. If there is anything you find in my tradeables that you would like then feel free to hit me up!

Albert almost 6 years ago

Go ahead and check my tradeables for anything you want in particular. Looks like you have some great reviews!

Eduard Borsos over 6 years ago

Can you please check my tradables if there's anything you want for Zarya-1?

Antony Whyte over 6 years ago

Hey man. Rather than send random trade offers, do I have anything you would like to trade for the Makeup and Vanity Set albums 'Manifold' and 'Never Let Go'?

imjohnblue almost 7 years ago

Hey if you change your mind on your copy of Sora and would be willing to trade at some point, please feel free to offer against anything of mine that catches your eye!

Leopold Markievitz Mushroompubes almost 7 years ago

Thanks imjohnblue! I looked all the way through your wishlist but unfortunately I already own everything I'd be interested in, but I'll definitely keep you in mind for the future! This note here will act as a reminder too :D

imjohnblue almost 7 years ago

Groovy. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Still have a few keys I haven't uploaded yet; a few humble bundle games and I think some stuff from Chrono.gg. Keep an eye out for those in the hopefully near future. You never know there might be a diamond in the rough!

Leopold Markievitz Mushroompubes almost 7 years ago

Cool, sounds good! It would be great if you also had your tradeables on barter/lestrades. It would be so quick and easy to keep up to date with new arrivals, perform matches etc. Even a pasteable list would be a lifesaver because I could chuck it into compare2steam or something. I will keep an eye out either way :D

whiteblack about 7 years ago

Hi, do you have any Jamesbuc's Itch.io Gems #1, 2, 4 to trade? I am looking for them very hard...you can add me in steam, thank you. http://steamcommunity.com/id/whiteblack1031607/

senkon016 over 7 years ago

Please search SENKON in the Tradeables