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Thank you for the trade : )

Mysterious A Mysterious

Thank you for the trade


Thanks for the Trade

1/100 Scream


Good trade, very quick response. Thank you kindly.


Thanks for the trade!


Chorche Seznam

Onkel Gerd

good trade


Thank you for the trade!

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Mysterious A Mysterious almost 5 years ago

Enjoy the game Solotaire.

scion ciel over 6 years ago

thanks for the offer

ssokolow about 7 years ago

I declined your offer because, as stated on my profile page, I have no interest in Steam keys. (Music, keys, or Groupees DRM-free downloads, please.)

Darkborn24890 about 7 years ago

Hi i made you a counter offer. Let me know if its okay for you. Thanks

Medavelvan over 7 years ago

I already have the RPG maker games you offered. I will accept trades for Still Life 1 & 2 for your AI: Rampage, Apartment 666, In Between & Mahjong Destiny (any combination)

Brett over 7 years ago

I declined your offer because I wasn't interested in those games, but I would be interested in 'The Away Team' for Oniken. I tried to make an offer but I don't think it worked, so if you're interested please send me an offer.

Echtzeit over 7 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for "The Away Team" steam key (which you have up for trade). If you are willing to trade (or sell), please contact me via:

Eduard Borsos over 7 years ago

Please add a tradables widget to your user wall, I really can't take a look at what you have to trade. Searching in the new groupees trades page is really awful.

Eduard Borsos over 7 years ago

Just select "Edit" from the upper right corner (by clicking on your username or MY ACC), that would bring you to your old user wall. In the upper side there should be a button which reads "Add WIdget" > "Tradable Items". Check out mine here, yours will look the same, don't forget to save after you add it:

Eduard Borsos over 7 years ago

You are welcome :). Also thunmbs up for the name change. Now it's easier to search for it in the trades section. I made an offer now. I would also be interested in Frederic: Evil Strikes Back. Can you take a look at my tradables to see if you can find anything else?

Eduard Borsos over 7 years ago

Sorry for taking it that long don't seem to be able to make any offers for some of your games, nor does the Trading Page find anything when I search for your username anymore. I suppose it's caused by changing your username. ANyway, for Mr. Triangle's Adventure I would be interested in your Dessert Storm, and also insterested in Frederic: Evil strikes back as I told before, can you please try to send me an offer to see if that works on your side?

Fiat Lux over 7 years ago

Thank you for the trade. I will be adding many games to my for trade list. Please notice that I got most bundles from Groupees and around 4K of Steam games so I am much more likely to accept an offer if offered Groupees coins *with POSITIVE value* or Mann Co. Supply Crate keys or similar Steam keys - Use Groupees chat for offers if necessary